Why Mood Mix?

  • Mood Mix is our exciting new StreamingPlus™ music solution, designed specifically for business.

    Music that you control streamed directly to your business!

  • Plus, it’s fully licensed for commercial use with NO ads or interruptions.

    When we say no interruptions, we mean it!  No DJ’s talking like the so called commercial free XM or Sirius!  We don’t even employ them!

  • You get access to millions of tracks from the world’s largest digital archive.

    No more limited playlist from Pandora!  Choose from ALL the songs, ALL the time!

  • All programs are curated by Music Designers and screened for lyrics and content.

    No profanity laced songs, or worse yet… DJs!  There might be a time and place for that, but your business isn’t one of them.

A Music Solution Designed Specifically For Your Business

With Mood Mix, clients will enjoy quick and easy access to fully licensed music, with the ability to personalize their music at the click of a button. All you need is a broadband Internet connection.

No Device Required

Simply connect your Internet-enabled device to any existing audio system or speaker.

You Can Build Your Own Schedule

Need different kinds of music for different times of day? Want Friday night to sound different than Sunday afternoon?

No problem. Mood Mix lets you save different mixes and makes it easy to schedule what to play and when.


You can choose up to 5 programs and use the “Mood Mix Board” to adjust and create your own “mix.”

Easy To Use

Intuitive controls designed for business users. No advanced tech skills required. Log in, select your favorite genre(s) and click play.

Program Options

Over 200 programs adapted from the Mood library are currently available.

Block and Skip Songs

You can block or like songs to fine tune your mix and skip up to 5 songs per hour.

Licensed and Unlimited

Unlimited listening hours and number of mixes. Music is fully licensed, screened for lyrics and content, and contains no third-party ads.